I.D.E.A. Network
Inclusion • Diversity • Equity in the  Arts 

 A project of the MAAE's RIDE committee to help bring greater equity for all.

Quarterly opportunities for professional learning associated with the arts and issues of racism, inclusion, diversity and equity. 


Future sessions scheduled for:

MAAE wishes to make programming accessible to all. In-person events are held in ADA compliant facilities allowing those with mobility issues to participate. Please contact director@moaae.org if you have any additional requests to accommodate visual, hearing or other accessibility issues. 

1.18.24 @ 4:30pm 

Musician, author and professional speaker, Dr. Ralph Mason of the Positive Zone Corporation joins us on 1.18.24 to share his distinctive wisdom.

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Have a question, topic or concern you'd like to explore with other arts educators? We want to hear about it! contact director@moaae.org.  Want MAAE to work with your local arts education team as they navigate change?
Customized sessions available. contact director@moaae.org.

Oct. 26, 2023 - "Lost Interview with Ella Fitzgerald" 

with Christie Jones  

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Christie Jones is an educator and artist who usues writing, art and performances to build community and a sense of belonging. She is from Los Angeles where she studied English at UCLA. Her love for African American literature led her to begin her career as a middle school Language Arts teacher in Florida. With a master’s degree in journalism from the University of North Texas and her Masters in Multicultural Education from Florida Atlantic University, she helped African American, Haitian, Jamaican, and other Black students from the diaspora to understand their connection to Africa and each other. She is eager to use an African centered approach to examine Black life and to promote Black pride. She is the founder of Black Writing Project, a virtual gallery that celebrates Black women and girls.


July 20, 2023 - Live streamed presentation from the Missouri Choral Directors Association Conference with MAAE and SPAE's Diane McCullough discussing her research in the presentation "Voices Lifted - Two Centuries of Black Composers of Opera".  

(47:40 duration "Voices Lifted")

4/13/23 - 4:30-5:30pm -
Music Educators Diane McCullough, Suzanne Palmer and Blake Hernton share the results of extensive research into diverse contributions from West African and Celtic cultural heritage. Access the research study and lesson plans on the Scottish Partnership for Arts and Education website or the MAAE website.

(54:18 duration)
"Fiddlin' Around"

1/19/23 - 4:30-5:30pm -
Visual artist Maggie Meiners shared items from her virtual exhibit "Revisiting Rockwell" that retain the humor and humanity that characterizes the paintings of Norman Rockwell, shifting these iconic images from
wistful nostalgia to contemporary relevance.

Companion asynchronous learning module  An introduction to Norman Rockwell available.

(1:01:21 duration)
Meet Maggie Meiners - "Revisiting Rockwell"

TEACHERS: A graduate credit option may also be available