I.D.E.A. - (professional learning network)

Inclusion • Diversity • Equity in the Arts


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This professional learning network is open all members of the arts education community. A project of the MAAE's RIDE committee, this informal gathering meets quarterly via ZOOM and is designed to be a safe space for open communication about issues connected with racism, inclusion, diversity and equity. A roundtable forum, this can be a place where people can share concerns, ask questions and seek answers or solutions to help bring greater equity for all.


October 13, 2022 @ 4:30pm

A focal point in our discussion will be

representing cultures in arts activities,

cultural appropriation,

honoring cultures and contributions.

MAAE wishes to make programming accessible to all. In-person events are held in ADA compliant facilities allowing those with mobility issues to participate. Please contact director@moaae.org if you have any additional requests to accommodate visual, hearing or other accessibility issues.

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