About MAAE

Missouri Alliance for Arts Education

Who We Are and What We Do

Originally formed as a part of a Kennedy Center Nationwide initiative to establish an organization in every state which would bring together various arts education organizations and other arts entities, the Missouri Alliance was formed in the 1990's. When funding challenges prompted a period of limited activity, the 501(c)3 status was maintained by a generous and visionary benefactor. After a hiatus of several years, and thanks to generous financial support from the Missouri Arts Council and the Francis Family Foundation, MAAE reemerged with a vision to support high quality arts education to ALL Missourians.

Today, MAAE is comprised of the statewide arts education organizations, private citizens, and businesses that believe that all of Missouri's students deserve a high quality education that incorporates all the arts at every level. Missouri Alliance for Arts Education Alliance provides and supports ongoing professional development, celebrates students' success, commissions research into arts education, advocates for sound education policy, and educates the public and decision-makers about the powerful impact that arts education has on Missouri's students.