About the Missouri Alliance for Arts Education (MAAE)

What? The Missouri Alliance for Arts Education, (MAAE) - also referred to as "the Alliance" - is comprised of individuals and organizations passionate about the the arts and arts education. They recognize the positive impact of engagement in the arts, and recognize the efficacy of coalition.  By uniting with others to support and promote arts education, we can realize the vision: that all Missouri students will enjoy the benefits of a high-quality arts education.

Who? Our allies include a number of statewide arts education organizations, educators, artists, private citizens, and businesses who support our mission. MAAE's allies share the belief that all of Missouri's students deserve a high quality education that incorporates all the arts at every level.  

The Board of Directors meets three times per year and is comprised of four elected officers, and representatives from a variety of arts disciplines working with student at age levels PreK-collegiate level. MAAE's Executive Committee meets monthly and works closely with MAAE's executive director and other staff to oversee the operational aspects of MAAE and to ensure MAAE's continued high quality programming.

Why? A comprehensive and rigorous standards-based, high quality arts education benefits each student individually, helping them develop skills not only in communication and the sharing of their art with others, but also develops skills which contribute to healthier, happier and more productive citizens. Arts Education heightens creativity, collaboration, cooperation and leadership skills for students.  

In short, involvement in the arts leads to student success;  Student success = a brighter tomorrow for Missouri.

How? To help Missouri's students achieve their potential, Alliance programming supports, promotes and advocates for arts education.

There are no fees or dues to become an ally! 

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Professional Learningin Arts IntegrationUMSL Grand Seminar

Missouri's Arts Educators must be highly skilled artists and educators. To help arts educators develop, and refine their skills, the Alliance

All-state Festival Choir performs at the Capitolin Jefferson City.
Meet and Greet with Student Artists Senate Student Fine Arts Exhibit

There are no fees or dues to become an ally! 

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A little history about the Alliance...

Originally formed as a part of a Kennedy Center Nationwide initiative to establish an organization in every state which would bring together various arts education organizations and other arts entities, the Missouri Alliance was formed in the 1990's. When funding challenges prompted a period of limited activity, the 501(c)3 status was maintained by a generous and visionary benefactor. After a hiatus of several years, and thanks to generous financial support from the Missouri Arts Council and the Francis Family Foundation, MAAE reemerged with a vision to support high quality arts education to ALL Missourians.