Projects • Initiatives

Alliance Initiatives

Several MAAE's programs, projects and initiatives include helping to provide classroom resources for teacher use with students, professional development opportunities and other forms of support.

Areas of focused interest include:

    • COVID-19 Response

Resources and support for teachers navigating the challenges of providing high quality arts education in COVID-19 world. Visit our MAAE-MATCH site - Missouri Arts Teacher Center for Help.

    • Race, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

Research, projects and professional development to address issues of Race, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity. Visit our Diversity Area to view resources and projects in progress.

    • Arts Integration and STEAM

Research, coaching and professional development in the area of Arts Integration and STEAM. Visit our Missouri Arts Integration Network [MAIN] to learn more about our monthly MAIN EVENTS.

    • DESE

Collaborative work with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) on issues related to the arts, arts education, curriculum standards, arts integration, STEAM, and policies affecting education. Visit our pages dealing with our collaboration with DESE for more information.

    • Mentoring Support

Not all districts have resources or personnel to provide adequate support for new teachers. With member organizations representing fine arts educators in Visual Arts, Theatre, Music and Dance we offer help to support teachers new to the profession. Visit our New Teacher Mentor pages to learn more.

MAAE Committee and Initiative Leadership


MAAE has several projects designed to educate and inform about issues that affect arts education. One facet or our work is to provide tools to facilitate conversation among Missouri's arts advocates and their elected officials and policy makers at the local, regional and state and national level.

Areas of focused interest include:

    • Show-Me Arts Initiative - SMArts - Student Advocacy Training

    • Advocacy Training - workshop sessions for advocacy work.

    • Fine Arts Education Day at the Missouri state capitol. performances, legislative conferences and interviews on arts advocacy


MAAE recognizes both academic excellence, excellence in artistic performance and advocacy support for arts education in Missouri. Each recognition program has its own rules for submission and award recipients are typically honored in a ceremony during the MAAE Fine Arts Education Day at the State Capitol.

    • Senate Hall Art Exhibit Project - featuring student artwork from every senatorial district

    • All-State Ensembles

        • All-State Choir Program - sponsored by MCDA
        • All-State Band Program - sponsored by MBA
        • All-State Jazz Band Program - sponsored by MoAJE
        • All-State Orchestra Program - sponsored by MoASTA
        • All-State Theatre Program - sponsored by Missouri Thespians
    • Awards and Recognition program for Arts Education recognizing outstanding students, teachers, administrators, and policy makers.

  • National Student Arts Advocate Award
  • Missouri Alliance for Arts Education Schools of Excellence Awards
  • MAAE Student Essay Contest
  • The MAAE Creativity and Innovation in Teaching Award
  • The MAAE Arts Education Community Champion
  • The MAAE Administrator of the Year Award
  • The Missouri Alliance for Arts Education and the Missouri School Boards’ Association School District of Distinction in Arts Education Award
  • The Missouri Alliance for Arts Education State Government Advocate for Arts Education Award


    • Support for the Arts Education Data Project - a web-based dashboard tool which numerically identifies student access to arts education and trends over time.

    • COVID impact studies - surveys collecting data of the impact of cancellations on K-12 institutions, and creative professionals.

    • Research to help address issues of Race, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

Connecting Arts Communities

Working with Arts Agencies and Institutions in providing arts education experiences, collaborative arts integration coaching, student enrichment and performance opportunities from Missouri teachers and students.

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