Make Music Day - June 21

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Make Music day - June 21

Make Music Day is an annual celebration of music that takes place on the summer solstice. On Make Music Day everyone is invited to take part: performing music for others, listening to music, joining in playing music and/or hosting musical performances.

Beginning in France (1982) as the Fête de la Musique, this free music festival is now held on June 21 in more than 800 cities in 120 countries around the world. Some cities have begun the tradition of sponsoring a parallel event on December 21 MAKE MUSIC WINTERLearn more at the Make Music Day U.S. heqdquarters site.

MAAE is proud to be a partner with other Make Music Day
local chapters. 

One day we hope to have all of Missouri participating.



Kansas City





St. Louis

On Make Music Day EVERYONE is welcome to celebrate making music!

Make Music Day is for:

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Every kind of musician - young, old, amateur or professional, and of every music genre may share their music. Even those who've never picked up an instrument before are invited to MAKE MUSIC on June 21!

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Nearly any space can become a venue. From big concert halls, to sidewalks, parks, businesses, cafes, libraries, and more. 

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In any form! 

Any form where people are making and enjoying music is welcomed. This could include free lessons, a drum circle, guitar or ukulele circle, electronic music exploration, harmonica band... the only limits are our own imagination.

How it works: those interested in participating sign up with their local chapter of Make Music Day. Organizers will be in touch with each one. Performers are matched with venues at a time to which both parties agree, and volunteers are mobilized to make the day a fun and memorable experience of making music!

In Missouri 

you can learn more and register as a performer, a venue or as a volunteer by clicking the links below.

2017 Video sharing benefits of Make Music Day (NAMM member - Alfred Publishing)

International Music without Borders

Please spread the word among your community of musicians!

Songwriters and composers of all kinds are invited to join Make Music Day's 2nd annual global song swap, called #MySongIsYourSong.

Make Music, Missouri!

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