Education and Advocacy

to inform and educate those who can help the arts and
arts education thrive in Missouri

Arts Advocacy and education takes many forms. It can range from something as simple as inviting local school board members, elected officials or administrators to performances and exhibitions, or as extensive as arranging formal visits to meet with members of the state or national legislature and other policy makers. Anything that helps support the continuation of the arts could be referred to as arts advocacy.

The Missouri Alliance for Arts Education helps educate and inform others about the importance of arts education in Missouri schools. MAAE lends its voice to support arts agencies such as the Missouri Arts Council. MAAE has partnered with the State Historical Society of Missouri and become a part of Missouri's Bicentennial Alliance. Working collaboratively with other agencies, organizations and institutions, MAAE helps the arts thrive, which also helps boost our state's economy.

Through this advocacy work, MAAE helps keep member and affiliate organizations informed, and encourages action on initiatives which impact the arts and arts education. Areas of focus include:

MAAE is non-partisan and does not endorse political candidates.

Partners in Advocacy

  • AFTA-Americans for the Arts
  • AEP-Arts Education Partnership
  • MCA-Missouri Citizens for the Arts
  • MACAA-Missouri Association of Community Arts Agencies
  • MMEA -Missouri Music Educators Association
  • NASAA -National Assembly of State Arts Agencies
  • NAMM-National Association of Music Merchants

Americans for the Arts Virtual Arts Advocacy Summit

April 5-9, 2021

Registration link coming soon.

MAAE has several initiatives which include advocacy components.

SHow-Me Arts (SMarts) Student Advocacy Summit

Training the next generation of arts advocates, the SHOW-ME Arts program (SMarts) provides information, training and role-playing activities for students - who then apply those skills by meeting with their legislators. Prior to 2020, these training sessions were held the evening that preceded Fine Arts Education Day and participants arranged their own meetings with their legislator to coincide with the other Fine Arts celebrations at the capitol.

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Fine Arts Education Day

Since 2004, the Missouri Alliance for Arts Education has sponsored a Fine Arts Education Day at the Missouri State Capitol to highlight the importance of fine arts education in Missouri schools. Typically held on a Wednesday during the spring legislative session, the Missouri State Capitol is alive with art exhibitions, vocal and instrumental ensemble performances, dance groups and theatrical presentations. Performance venues have included the First Floor Capitol Rotunda, the Capitol steps and the Carnahan Governor's Garden east of the Capitol building.

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After a year like no other in education, school districts and state legislatures across the nation are preparing for the 2021-2022 school year facing budget shortfalls, learning loss, and a continued need for classroom Personal Protective Equipment to ensure the safety of students and teachers. Scarce financial resources can put arts education programs at risk. The time to act is now!

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Every school day needs arts education.

  • Arts education promotes academic achievement: A 2020 study of over 112,000 students showed that “highly engaged instrumental music students were, on average, academically over one year ahead of their peers.”

  • Arts education advances social and emotional development.

  • Arts education reduces disciplinary infractions: A recent study showed that arts education experiences reduce the proportion of students in school receiving disciplinary infractions by 3.6%.

  • Stay enrolled and graduate: Low-income students who are highly engaged in the arts are twice as likely to graduate college as their peers with no arts education.

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The University of California San Marco has developed a set of 15 points of benefit for Arts Education., summarized on these "Arts Cards." The benefit points are grouped into three categories listed below. Each listed benefit is supported by what they refer to as "tons of research." Learn more here.

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