MAAE Education and Advocacy

to inform and educate those who can help the arts and arts education thrive in Missouri

MAAE is non-partisan and does not endorse political candidates.

The Missouri Alliance for Arts Education helps educate and inform others about the importance of arts education in Missouri. MAAE  lends its voice to support arts agencies such as the Missouri Arts Council and initiatives such as the Missouri Fine Arts Academy. Working collaboratively with other agencies, organizations and institutions, MAAE helps the arts thrive, which also helps boost our state's economy.

Partners in Advocacy

  • Kyna Iman, MAAE legislative liaison
  • AFTA-Americans for the Arts
  • AEP-Arts Education Partnership
  • MCA-Missouri Citizens for the Arts
  • MACAA-Missouri Association of Community Arts Agencies
  • MMEA -Missouri Music Educators Association
  • NASAA -National Assembly of State Arts Agencies 
  • NAMM-National Association of Music Merchants

What is Arts Advocacy?

Anything that helps support the continuation of the arts could be referred to as arts advocacy. It takes many forms, from something as simple as inviting local school board members, elected officials or administrators to performances and exhibitions, or as extensive as arranging formal visits to meet with members of the state or national legislature and other policy makers. It most often takes the form of education, sharing information about the potential impact of an action or decision, and occasionally takes the form of lobbying or more direct action, asking a policy maker to support or oppose a specific issue.

The University of California San Marco has developed a set of 15 talking points outlining benefits of Arts Education. Learn more here.

The MAAE greatly appreciates the financial support provided by the Francis Family Foundation and the MAAE member organizations.

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