New Teacher Mentoring Support

MMEA Advancing Music Education Committee under the leadership of Dr. Aaron Wacker, with funding support from Missouri Music Educators Association and the Country Music Awards Foundation produced the following video which helps underscore the benefits of having a content-specific mentor in music. (5:00)

When a school hires a teacher who is new to the profession in the areas of DANCE, MEDIA ARTS, MUSIC, THEATRE or VISUAL ARTS, having a content-specific mentor helps ensure teacher success and retention. Although a mentor outside the content area can help new teachers learn local procedures,  a content-specific mentor provides essential guidance about pedagogy, management and logistics that others cannot. MAAE works collaboratively with our allied statewide arts education organizations to help connect teachers new to the profession with an experienced mentor. This helps us fulfill our mission to promote arts education experiences for ALL Missouri students of the highest quality

Please contact  or complete this short survey  and we'll help you connect those new teachers in need with a mentor in their specific arts discipline.