Collaboration with DESE

Missouri's Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

MAAE works collaboratively with Missouri's Department of Elementary and Secondary Education on initiatives which affect arts education in Missouri Schools. See links below for additional information.

Missouri's Commissioner of Education, Dr. Margie Vandeven prepared this video recognizing arts teachers across the state, and the importance of arts education in April of 2020.

Inclusion of the Arts

The inclusion of arts into the fabric of all learning affords additional benefits which include:

  • a more relevant and holistic learning experience

  • improved student achievement

  • increased student retention

  • student confidence

  • improved communication skills

  • improved attendance

  • building relationships

  • increased collaboration among teachers, administrators and community

  • improved school/classroom climate

  • a renewed sense of joy in learning for both teachers and students.

2020 Holiday Greetings

from State Board of Education President - Charlie Shields and
State Commissioner of Education - Margie Vandeven

artwork created by Rachel Wright and Morgan Allen - Juniors from Nixa High School.