MO Fine Arts and Scholars Academy

The tremendous value of supporting our gifted learners is supported by research and by Missouri statute. The Missouri Fine Arts Academy and the Missouri Scholars Academy are just two ways in which Missouri's outstanding young artists and scholars are given an opportunity to develop their distinctive gifts with their peer group. Academy graduates develop their skills and a passion to pursue careers which ultimately strengthen the economy and quality of life for all Missourians.

For several years MAAE has included in their annual advocacy agenda a request to the Missouri Legislature to consider fully funding the academies within the state's annual budget. Without full funding, the per-student out-of-pocket costs increase, and less affluent candidates may be prohibited from participating. MAAE advocates for the funding because of its alignment with our mission: to make high quality arts education experience available to ALL Missourians, and to make this opportunity available to any student - regardless of means. The estimated cost for full funding is $750,000. Although we are pleased to report that the line item for the academies remains in the current Missouri budget, the allocation for FY21 was just $1.

MAAE will continue to educate others of the benefits of these student enrichment opportunities. We recognize the value of these events - both to the student participants themselves, as well as the larger world.


The Missouri Fine Arts Academy (MFAA) is a two-week summer residential program for highly motivated student artists in visual arts, theatre, dance, creative writing, and music. The Academy offers an intensive schedule of classes in interdisciplinary and discipline-specific arts, and a wide range of co-curricular activities. MFAA is conducted with the support and cooperation of Missouri State University, and is funded through program fees, grants, endowments, scholarships, and private donations.

For more information visit MSU's webpage on MFAA here.

About the Missouri Scholars Academy

Founded in 1985, the Missouri Scholars Academy is a three-week residential program for 330 of Missouri’s academically gifted students who are ready to begin their junior year of high school. The Academy is held each June on the campus of the University of Missouri and administered by the University of Missouri Honors College.

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Former Members of the Missouri FINE ARTS and SCHOLARS academies. We are collecting lists of ACADEMY GRADS who live and work in Missouri. If you are an academy grad, or know of one, please help us get connected.