Early Learning Task Force

Discussion Points

  • Working with

        • infants

        • toddlers

        • 3-year olds

        • 4-year olds

        • 5-year olds

  • Experiential learning changes observed in young children

  • Missouri Learning Standards-Fine Arts for PreK

  • Certification recommendations for fine arts teachers

  • Higher Education issues related to certification

  • Professional Development

        • Arts Education for early childhood educators

        • Early childhood education for arts specialists

        • Early literacy and the arts

  • Collaboration with early learning arts

        • Kindermusik

        • Creative Movements

        • Toddlers in Motion

        • Suzuki Violin

  • Other?

Early Learning Task Force

Through the Fall/Winter of 2020-2021, MAAE is engaged in conversations with arts educators, early childhood educators, parents, early childhood arts specialists, teaching artists and anyone interested in exploring current issues in providing high quality arts education experiences for Missouri's youngest learners.


  1. To learn from other participants, gain consensus and clarify MAAE's position in regard to young learners and the arts.

  2. To develop a position statement, goals and an action plan to achieve those goals.

Thanks to the participants, a report was generated and shared with the MAAE board of directors in April, 2021. It was determined that gathering additional information about current practice in Missouri was required.

Are you teaching in a PreK setting or working with students younger than age 5? We'd love to learn more about your situation!

A survey form is in development. These are some of the preliminary questions. We welcome edits and additions.

  1. How often do you meet your students?

  2. What is the setting? Is it pushed into the general PreK setting or a pull-out program, or some other format?

  3. How is the curriculum for the program developed?

  4. What is the connection between the curriculum and the Missouri Learning Standards for PreK students?

  5. Do you work with a PreK level classroom educator to collaborate or to utilize arts integration into other aspects of the student learning?

  6. How has working with these students affected your program or your budget?

  7. What additional training or support might you need to become more successful?

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? email:

Phyllis Pasley, MAAE executive director director@moaae.org