MAAE Leadership


updated January 2022

Elected Board Officers

Jeff Sandquist, Chair, bio

Tom Tobias, Vice-Chair, bio

Michael Dove - Secretary, bio

Bruce Dickerson - Treasurer, bio

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Member Organization
Representatives to Board

MoASTA Chair - Andy Johnston

MOAJE President - John Evans

MAEA President - Hester Menier

MDO - president - Lisa Geger

MBA President - Kenny Hansen

MCDA President - Amy Krinke

Mo Thespians Advocacy Chair - Teri Turner

Speech and Theatre Association representative - William Palmer

HEC Media - Tim Gore


Executive Director - Phyllis Pasley - bio

Legislative Liaison - Kyna Iman - bio

Fine Arts Education Day Chair - Jeff Sandquist bio

SHOW-ME Arts Coordinator - Andrea Branstetter bio

Senate Arts Exhibit Coordinator - Vicki Bean bio

Communications Director - Rachael Wenzel bio

Photographer/Technical Assistance - Ron Jennings

Other Board Members

At-Large - Harlan Brownlee Advisory Council Chair - bio

At-Large - Racism Inclusion Diversity Equity (R.I.D.E.) Committee chair - Maria A. Ellis - bio

At-Large - Arts Integration leader - former DESE Fine Arts Chair - Tom Tobias

At-Large - Committee chair (arts integration) Past-Chair MAAE -Robert Gifford - bio

At-Large member Music Teacher
- Melodye Moore

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Ex-officio - MCA - State Arts Advocacy Captain
- Ben Martin - bio

Ex-officio - Visual Art (MAEA connection)
- Ronald Jennings

Ex-officio former MDO pres - Alice Bloch

Ex-officio MAEA -advocacy - Charly Brewer

Ex-officio Senate Exhibit Chair - Vicki Bean bio

Ex-officio SMarts Coordinator - Andrea Branstetter bio

Ex-officio Communications Director - Rachael Wenzel bio

Ex-officio Affiliate Org Rep - MoPTA
- Carla Wiese

Ex-officio MAC representative - Julie Hale

Ex-officio DESE Fine Arts Director - Roger Kelley

Ex-officio Affiliate Org Rep - MASL
- Rebecca Parker

Ex-officio Collegiate Rep / - Daniel Hellman

Ex-officio Affiliate Org. Rep - MACAA
- Michael Gaines

Ex-officio Affiliate Org. Rep - GAM - Meredith Wisniewski

Ex-officio Affiliated Org. MMEA - Advocacy Partner - Chris Sprague


For a list of committee members >click here

Executive Committee

Jeff Sandquist, Chair >learn more here

Arts Integration Committee

Robert Gifford, Chair >learn more here

Racism Inclusion Diversity Equity R.I.D.E. Committee

Maria A. Ellis, Chair >learn more here

Advisory Council

Harlan Brownlee, Chair >learn more here

Covid-19 Work Group

Phyllis Pasley, Coordinator >learn more here

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