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The Missouri Alliance for Arts Education supports, promotes, and advocates for fine arts education for the benefit of ALL Missourians.


We envision high quality fine arts education in all Missouri schools, ensuring that every student discovers and develops their fullest potential.

Every School • Every Child • Every Day


Everyone suffers in an environment of systemic racism and bias.

Through the work of the MAAE Committee on Racism, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity - MAAE pledges to:

  1. Examine our organizational makeup, structural imbalances, and policy inadequacies in these areas and guide the implementation of specific plans to address issues of equity.

  2. Develop and support initiatives that use the arts and teaching through the arts as tools to assist educators in leveraging positive, equity driven student outcomes across all subject areas

  3. Recognize practices that create circumstances of exclusion and foster inclusive arts opportunities.

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MAAE is working to promote Arts integration involving the coordinated involvement of certified arts and non-arts educators, and professional and/or teaching artists where students engage in a creative process which connects arts and non-arts subject areas to meet evolving objectives in both.

We want to expand and transform the roles of the arts educator to become active participants and instructional leaders in STEAM and arts integration for all subjects, while simultaneously preserving arts education as an area of study worthwhile for it's own sake as a valued discipline of skill growth and academic study.

We promote this, have our cake and eat it too approach because we know through research evidence and in our hearts that students participating in an arts centered education will grow emotionally, socially and academically. The arts are uniquely positioned to be at the pivot point of learning and understanding across all areas of the curriculum.

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Arts Education Research

With funding from the Missouri Arts Council and the cooperation and assistance of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education completed several studies in arts education.

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Education & Advocacy

The Missouri Alliance for Arts Education helps educate and inform others about the importance of arts education in Missouri schools. They work with partners in advocacy including legislative liaiason, Kyna Iman, the Missouri Citizens for the Arts, Missouri Association of Community Arts Agencies, our member and affiliate organizations and other agencies.

MAAE is non-partisan and does not endorse political candidates.

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Recognition and Celebration

The Missouri Alliance for Arts Education supports and recognizes excellence in arts education for student and honors and recognizes individuals for their contributions to arts education made by students, teachers, administrators, school buildings, school districts, elected officials, and community members.

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MAAE Bylaws

The Missouri Alliance for Arts Education organizational structure is governed by bylaws approved by the Board of Directors. The most recent version of the bylaws were approved in January, 2021.

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