MAAE Strategic Plan 2023-2027

approved by MAAE Board of Directors June 1, 2024

GOAL I. Maintain and expand a vibrant network of allies which strengthens Arts Education in Missouri.

A. Develop and implement a communication plan that serves Missouri's Arts Education community at the  local, regional and statewide level.

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B. Continue and expand collaborative networking efforts to strengthen arts education in Missouri.

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a. Regional Communication

b. Regional Allyship

c.Regional Network Leadership Recruitment

GOAL II. Strengthen Missouri education through the arts.

A. Provide support for professional learning for educators.

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a. Fine Arts Standards

b. Arts Content Specific Learning Support

c. Teaching Artistic Behavior

d. Dance in Schools

e. Media Arts

f. Early Arts Learning

a. Arts Across the Curriculum Conference Learning Proposals

b. Arts Centered Education (ACE) Program

c. Teacher/Leader Development

d. Teaching Artist Support

e. Convenings of the Missouri Arts Integration Network (MAIN)

f. Convenings of the Arts Integration Coalition


h. Other Arts Across the Curriculum Initiatives

i. Research Projects in Arts Across the Curriculum

a. Inclusion, Diversity Equity in the Arts Conference Learning Proposals

b. Meetings of the IDEA Council

c. Convenings of the IDEA Network

d. DEI and Delicious Dishes

e. DEI Symposium

f. Freedom Writers

a. New Teacher/Mentor Support

b. New Teacher research

B. Promote arts education with local, state and national level stakeholders.

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a. Site Visits

b. National Advocacy Organization membership

c. National Arts Organization Connections

2. State Level Advocacy

a. Promoting Arts Education

b. State-Level Advocacy Action Plan Development

c. MAAE Awards and Contests

d. Fine Arts Education Day

e. Show-Me Arts Summit

f. Senate Student Fine Arts Exhibit

g. Celebrating Academic Excellence - All-state Honors Ensembles

h. Celebrating Academic Excellence - MO Fine Arts Academy

3. Local-Level Advocacy

a. MAAE Website Development

b. MAAE Local Advocacy Professional Development

C. Engage in research to support and strengthen Education and Arts Education

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GOAL III.  Strengthen the Sustainability of the Alliance. 

A. Cultivate funding sources to ensure financial sustainability.

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B. Align operational practices to support sustainability.

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C. Cultivate and manage human resources to support sustainability.

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The organizational chart below divides the efforts of the Alliance into five divisions, overseen by the Executive Director and guided by the Executive Committee and MAAE Board of Directors. The key outlines the staff, volunteers, and collaborative groups engaged.

The detailed organizational chart below includes both fulfilled, in-progress and as-yet-unfulfilled initiatives for each of the five divisions. The KEY helps the viewer navigate the shape-based codes which refer to people, collective groups and tasks/initiatives within each division.

MAAE Staff utilizes the spreadsheet below as "working scoreboard"  to track the progress in pursuit of each Goal and Objective element of the strategic plan. This is a living document, which will change over time as the ongoing review and reflection process continues. There is a separate tab for each goal and objective and tabs which provide (and will provide) additional information about planned or in-progress action steps to help achieve each goal.

Working ScoreBoard MAAE Strategic Plan

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