MAAE-RIDE Projects to improve Professional Practice

Using the arts and teaching through the arts to improve educational practice and student outcomes

MAAE sponsored a series of listening sessions with a purpose of uncovering the reasons why there are so few participants of color involved in professional development conferences or student performance/exhibition opportunities.

By listening to our colleagues, we hope to become more informed and help devise next steps.

This research project was completed in August-October, 2020 with LISTENING SESSIONS to uncover areas of bias or systemic racism in our work within professional development conferences and students of color involvement in honors ensembles.

This report is the beginning of work still to be done. Sharing the report with arts ed colleagues and continuing our own internal work is just a part of this process.

Arts Organization Outreach Resources (also a subcategory on professional development resources)

1. Minneapolis Star-Tribune (06-08-20) Minneapolis Arts Community Supports Change in Tangible Ways

2. State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education (06-11-20) Equity Position Statement

3. Americans for the Arts (06-01-20) Statement on Supporting Black Communities

4. Minnesota Citizens for the Arts MCA Statement on the Murder of George Floyd

5. National Dance Education Organization (06-02-20) NDEO Black Lives Matter Statement

6. American Choral Directors Association (06-03-20) On the Murder of George Floyd and the Impacts of Racism

7. National League of Cities (06-26-20) Racial Equity and Embracing Healing Through the Arts

8. The Ground We Stand On “We See You, White American Theater”

9. National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures (June 2020) E-Boletín eblast

10. Abraham in Motion Statement of Support for Black Lives Matter

11. Modern Language Association Statement Deploring Systemic Racism

12. Nominate an artist for the Orr Street Black Artist-in-Residence Program

13. Rudy Sanchez, Diline (06-30-20) Inaugural “Where are the Black Designers” Conference Explores Racism in the Design Community and How to Move Forward