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Defining STEAM

The use of the acronym STEAM has come into great prominence. The "A" in STEAM frequently refers to the arts. (Although, it may be important to note that in some communities the "A" refers to agriculture.) MAAE is currently at work with our partners within the various arts disciplines, colleagues within the STEM, STEM + arts integration and STEAM eco-systems to bring greater definition to the work and encourage more teachers and schools to holistically integrate the arts into all learning.



MAIN EVENT - Missouri Arts Integration Network - ZOOM

Aug. 31, 4-5pm

Featured presenters are Wolftrap Teaching Artist Sherry Norfolk and Ed Reggi. >Read more here.

MAAE notes that although each has different definitions, Arts integration, STEM and STEAM share a common ideology. Students benefit when the arts are an integral part of instruction. These approaches leverage the specialized training and expertise of educators from a variety of disciplines, with more relevant, holistic learning for the student. Research shows that students find integrated learning more engaging and relevant.

Other benefits of integrating the arts include:

    • improved student achievement

    • increased student retention

    • student confidence

    • improved communication skills

    • social-emotional benefits

    • improved attendance

    • building relationships

    • increased collaboration among teachers, administrators and community

    • improved school/classroom climate

    • and a renewed sense of joy in learning for both teachers and students.

HUBS for Professional Development
in Arts Integration in Missouri

There are three regions in Missouri that have benefited from Kennedy Center Partnerships between arts organizations and educational institutions. Professional development workshops are offered annually in all three locations. For more information about offerings in each region, you may contact the coordinators listed below:

Kansas City - Aaron Money - Fine Arts Coordinator for Liberty Public Schools

St. Louis - Janelle Velten - Program Manager and Arts Integration Specialist

Springfield - Breanna Kavanaugh - Fine Arts/World Language Coordinator for Springfield Public Schools