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1. Free Open Source Play Scripts from Idris Goodwin and TYA/USA

This link takes you to free open source scripts written for young audiences by playwright Idris Goodwin. Provided through TYA/USA, they can be downloaded for free. TYA states, “TYA/USA is honored to provide a platform for award-winning playwright Idris Goodwin to present five short plays to spark conversation and serve as a catalyst for action. Each of these short works, written to be read across the multi-generational spectrum, offer different insights about disconnects in racial conversation and the Black experience in America. Goodwin hopes that this release also provides a model for open-source theater and storytelling, in which the connection between playwright and community is direct.

2. “All American Boys” as a Resource for Young People & Families

TYA/USA believes that theater can play an important role in helping young people and families explore personal narratives to face hard truths and inspire meaningful change. Last year, TYA/USA kicked off the 2019 Festival & Conference with a reading of a powerful new work that urgently speaks to our current moment. Today, we are making it available to you and your communities as a resource. We are partnering with Off The Page, The Alliance Theatre, and Playscripts to officially release the script and video recording of the stage adaptation of ALL AMERICAN BOYS (based on the book by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely) as one way to use theater for young audiences as a vehicle to confront systemic racism, police violence, and its impact on young people across this country.

Visual Arts


1. KQED Understand, Learn, and Act: Teaching in the Midst of Mass Protests for Black Lives

2. Project Look Sharp Social Justice Lessons

3. Zinn Education Project Teach the History of Policing

4. PBS Learning Classroom Resources Understanding LGBTQ+Identity Toolkit for Educators

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