Resources for Personal Growth
and Reflection

Materials for personal exploration and understanding

Personal Growth Resources

1. Juneteenth Video

2. HEC Media Candid Conversation: Black People and White People in Outstate Missouri Find a Shared History

3. Stephens College Resources from the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

4. Stephens College Conversation Series—Think, Speak, Do

5. Kaisha S. Johnson, Founding Director of Women of Color in the Arts Enough Already with the Statements of “Solidarity,” Arts World

6. artEquity (June 2020) News, Ideas, and Resources

7. Smithsonian Magazine (06-04-20) 158 Resources to Understand Racism in America

8. United for Human Rights ( The Story of Human Rights

9. United for Human Rights ( Universal Declaration of Human Rights

10. Pancocojams (07-22-14) The Racist Roots of the “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” chant

11. United Way Equity Challenge

12. University of Missouri Self-Guided Curriculum: Race, Racism, and the American Experience

13. Inclusive

14. System Racism Explained

15. Cultural Humility: People, Principles, and Practices

16. Harvard University Project Implicit Implicit Association Test

17. Adam Ruins Everything (10-04-17) The Disturbing History of the Suburbs: Redlining

18. Colin Gordon, The University of Iowa Mapping Decline: St. Louis and the American City

19. The St. Louis American (02-23-17) Real Estate and Racism in St. Louis

20. St. Louis Post-Dispatch (02-19-18) Lending Discrimination, Redlining Still Plague St. Louis, New Data Show

21. St. Louis Magazine (10-17-14) The Story of Segregation in St. Louis

22. PBS POV Implicit Bias: Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Racism

23. Verna Myers TED Ideas Worth Spreading How to Overcome Our Biases? Walk Boldly Toward Them

24. MTV Look Different Implicit Tests

25. Watch the film “Coded Bias”

26. Watch the video “Implicit Bias: Unwrapping Concepts”

27. Useful Links from Critical Media Project

28. “This Is For The Birds,” a video that addresses biases, narratives, and representations through the life of a bird.

29. PEN America’s Guide for Combating Protest Disinformation

30. Washington Post (06-05-20) You are Probably Spreading Misinformation: Here’s How to Stop

31. The Atlantic (06-03-20) The Headlines That Are Covering Up Police Violence

32. Smithsonian Talking About Race web portal

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