Missouri Alliance for Arts Education

Missouri Action Item #1

Sign the pledge.

ANYone may sign! Students, individuals, organizations, booster groups and more!

Missouri Action item #2

Ask your local school board to sign and adopt this this RESOLUTION.

download resolution here to customize a physical document if desired..

Consider making the signing a photo op or media event.

Missouri Action Item #3


Post to Social Media #MOartsAREeducation and mention @moartsed.

Help local leaders know why the Arts ARE Education to ensure that the arts will remain central to a well-rounded education and fully funded to support the academic learning and well-being of all students.

  • Short stories, an image with a caption, a 10-15 second video clip is all it takes! Post on social media. Tag your administrators or district, #MOartsAREeducation and @moartsed
    (examples courtesy of Kathy Hann, FoxC6: example #1 - example #2 )

  • Invite students to share why Arts Education is important to them. (Consider having them enter the Enter MAAE Video Contest or the National Arts Advocate Essay Contest)


As you ask your local school board to sign and adopt this RESOLUTION please keep the following points in mind:

  • Share this information with others. Build a support network at the local level of students, parents, colleagues, and members of the community. Supporters amplify voice. Consider having students participate in the MAAE Show-Me Arts Summit Student Advocacy Training.

  • Download and customize the resolution document with your school's logo, district name, course offerings within your district and/or other additions which fit your circumstance.

  • Consider using this document as a template to invite your school board to sign.

  • Involve other arts and admin. colleagues (principals, administrators, secretary to board etc.) in bringing this resolution to your local school board through appropriate channels.

  • Make the event a photo opportunity. Share on social media or with local media outlets.

  • Please help us count the number of resolutions signed. After your signing ceremony, enter your school district's information into the form on the hub's RESOLUTION page.

  • Keep the physical resolution document.

      • Consider displaying it in or near the board room, or in another prominent place.

      • Consider scanning it to post or share in a variety of ways with other arts educators in your district.

  • Keep this message positive and affirming. If you encounter negativity, redirect those concerns to another arena.

  • Find additional resources on the hub including

      • Talking points

      • Advocacy tools

      • Guidance for legislative outreach

If you'd like additional support in meeting the needs of your local setting, please contact and we'll set up a time to talk.

Local School Board Resolution
Signed, Sealed, Delivered

The Lee’s Summit Board of Education unanimously adopted the Arts Are Education resolution on 2/25/21 at their meeting. Thanks to former MAAE Executive Director Ben Martin for his leadership on this local advocacy initiative. Check out the video footage from the Board of Ed meeting. (Ben's presentation begins around 11:10.) NEED HELP designing your local campaign, Ben would be pleased to consult!

-Thanks to Ben Martin and to Cal State U of San Marcos for the Art = Opportunity
images and research compilation.

Below find an embedded webpage from the RESOLUTION
from the National Arts ARE Education Hub.

Download the text to customize the resolution for your district.

After signing, help us keep count!

Record your district's info using the form below (also available under the "Get Active" tab - "Our Resolution" on the hub.)

Visit the Arts ARE Education hub
for more information and additional resources.

The MAAE greatly appreciates the financial support provided by the Francis Family Foundation and the MAAE member organizations for
Fine Arts Education Day.

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