UMSL Collaboration - Grand Seminar

September 23, 2022

Thanks to the leadership of Dr. Maggie Peeno, MAAE's Arts Integration Committee was able to engage preservice teachers at the University of Missouri St. Louis in a series of workshop about arts integration on September 23, 2022. Presenters included:

  • Roger Kelley, Arts Education Director with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and music educator

  • Maggie Peeno, UMSL visual arts (retired) and Gallery 210 coordinator

  • Dr. Alice Bloch, retired profession of dance (Lindenwood) and teaching artist

  • Tom Tobias, visual arts instructor, retired Ars Education Director (DESE) and arts integration coach

  • Sherry Norfolk, (drama, literacy, storytelling) teaching artist with Springboard to Learning and COCA

MAAE is pleased and proud to have been a part of this effort to familiarize the next generation of teachers with arts integration. Over 250 teacher candidates from the UMSL College of Education who will be future educators were in attendance. The Grand Seminar provides common professional development to create and implement engaging and effective instructional programs for students in pre-K though 12. Special thanks to UMSL Liaison and Grand Seminar Facilitator Stephanie Koscielski for her guidance and support in this effort. We hope the collaboration will continue.

MAAE is also grateful to Ron Jennings who volunteered his time, talents and expertise to capture the images below during the event.