Arts Centered Education Program

Involvement of the arts in teaching and learning and promoting Arts Integration, as an instructional approach, continues to be priority work of the Missouri Alliance for Arts Education. Funded by a special grant from the Missouri Arts Council, and beginning in 2022-23 school year, MAAE will implement the Arts Centered Education (ACE) program, directed toward promoting an arts integrated approach toward teaching and learning in Missouri's rural schools.

The project will enable selected schools to receive customized onsite professional development at no cost to the school.

Involving the Arts in teaching and learning leads to:

Arts integration - an introduction (2 min.)

Those who desire to become Arts Integration practitioners may need:

Ideally, the arts integrated instruction that is delivered is designed from local curricula and aligned with the Missouri Learning Standards. Through an arts integrated approach to teaching and learning, students engage in a creative process which connects the art form and at least one other subject area and meets evolving objectives in both

The teaching artists MAAE will help bring to your school will customize the training received, based on the professional learning needs of the building.  MAAE Arts Integration Specialists will meet with building leaders and determine which services will best meet the needs of the adult learners in a given situation. 

When the implementation of this model was administered by the Missouri Arts Council, it consisted of several components:

Large group

Professional development for the full school staff can take the form that best meets the needs and professional learning objectives for the school. We suggest at least one session of professional learning for the entire staff to help those unfamiliar with arts integration become acquainted with the concept, and increase the likelihood of individuals from the school becoming a part of the current arts integration co-hort group or an arts integration practitioner of the future.


Within the cohort group, professional learning often takes the form of the:

Program Evaluation 

We want to ensure that the program meets the stated objectives for the school, and collect evidence for our funders about the efficacy of the program.

Elements of the program evaluation will be determined for each school based on their objectives. It may include items such as:

Under MAAE's administration of the Arts Centered Education (A.C.E.) Program, we plan to follow a similar model. We wish to learn about the needs and objectives for professional learning at each school and seek out teaching artists who may uniquely suited to meet the needs of the school and the individual members of the cohort.

If you want to become an A.C.E. school or if you just what to learn more, please contact Phyllis Pasley, MAAE's executive director at or call 314-306-7575. 

MAAE wishes to make programming accessible to all. In-person events are held in ADA compliant facilities allowing those with mobility issues to participate. Please contact if you have any additional requests to accommodate visual, hearing or other accessibility issues. 

The Missouri Arts Integration Network is a collection of individuals with an interest in arts integration. We welcome arts and non-arts teachers from any subject or discipline at every level PreK-college. Our FREE one-hour monthly meetings via ZOOM provide a forum for connecting with other educators and hearing success stories from practitioners. 

Access the registration link for each ZOOM meeting here. 

Questions: email

Arts Integration can benefit you and your students!

Don't Be Afraid! 
Give it a try…even in a small way.

MAAE is committed to helping Missouri teachers use Arts Integration as a strategy to improve student achievement and behavior.  Helping educators learn best practices for effective implementation honors the expertise of all teachers involved and addresses both arts and non-arts standards to yield great benefits for all. 

Do not fear that you will lose something by working collaboratively with others.  Arts Integration can actually help meet your classroom goals, enriching your work in the arts with your students. Collaborative planning for arts integrated learning experiences honors the arts as a partner and reflecting standards in the arts and non-arts subject area(s) and providing opportunities for assessment of skill and understanding in both.

Our partners in Kansas City, St. Louis and Springfield offer professional development training and follow-up which to teacher interested in Arts Integration. 

MAAE is here to help as well!