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Missouri Alliance for Arts Education

Three Missouri arts integration sites which sponsor annual training sessions in arts integration have announced their plans:

The KS/MO Kennedy Center Partners in Education Summer Symposium

July 26-27, 2021 • virtual -

REGISTER HERE. contact: Aaron Money - Fine Arts Director
Liberty Public Schools - or 816-736-5660


KS/MO Planners inform me that FREE REGISTRATION is available for a limited number of participants that would like to attend the Arts Integration Symposium this summer. Sign up here to receive your free registration code.

Check out the sessions here:

Springfield Arts Integration Conference
July 29-30, 2021 • in-person -

contact: Breana Kavanaugh -Fine Arts/World Language Coordinator

Springfield Public Schools or 417-523-5532

COCA edu Arts Integration Professional Development Opportunities

October 16, 2021 •- in-person -

Brittany Woods Elementary School

8125 Groby Rd, University City, MO 63130

Participants who attend this session also receive 3 hours of classroom support to help [classroom teachers] implement a strategy from the Autumn Institute. Classroom support will occur between 11/1/21-5/27/22 and can be in the form of:

a. Demonstration teaching by teaching artist

b. Observation of the classroom teacher/feedback from the teaching artist

c. Facilitated lesson planning with teaching artist

contact Janelle Velten - COCAedu Program Mangaer

Arts Integration Specialist or 314-561-4889

Don't Be Afraid!
Give it a try…even in a small way.

MAAE is committed to helping Missouri teachers use Arts Integration as a strategy to improve student achievement and behavior. Helping educators learn best practices for effective implementation honors the expertise of all teachers involved and addresses both arts and non-arts standards to yield great benefits for all.

Do not fear that you will lose something by working collaboratively with others. Arts Integration can help meet your classroom goals, enriching your work in the arts with your students. Collaborative planning for arts integrated learning experiences honors the arts as a partner and reflecting standards in the arts and non-arts subject area(s) and providing opportunities for assessment of skill and understanding in both.

Our partners in Kansas City, St. Louis and Springfield offer professional development training and follow-up which to teacher interested in Arts Integration. See below for contact information.

Through MAAE's Missouri Arts Integration Network (M.A.I.N.) series, practitioners get support and inspiration from their peers. These FREE MAIN EVENTS are one-hour monthly meetings feature arts integration practitioners sharing their work, and an opportunity for people interested in arts integration to connect.

Three Arts Integration Professional Development Hubs

There are three regions in Missouri that have benefited from Kennedy Center Partnerships between arts organizations and educational institutions. Professional development workshops are offered annually in all three locations.

For more information about offerings in each region, contact the coordinators listed below:

Kansas City - Aaron Money - Fine Arts Coordinator for Liberty Public Schools

St. Louis - Janelle Velten - Program Manager and Arts Integration Specialist

Springfield - Breanna Kavanaugh - Fine Arts/World Language Coordinator for Springfield Public Schools

The Missouri Arts Integration Network is a collection of individuals with an interest in arts integration. We welcome arts and non-arts teachers from any subject or discipline at every level PreK-college. Our FREE one-hour monthly meetings via ZOOM provide a forum for connecting with other educators and hearing success stories from practitioners.

For the ZOOM meeting link, send an email to

>learn more here

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