Inclusion • Diversity • Equity • in the Arts

The Missouri Alliance for Arts Education's RIDE Committee made it a priority to provide support and opportunities for networking and sharing of best practices among our statewide arts education organizations as they engage in the work related to equity. This initiative aligns with MAAE's mission to provide arts education for ALL Missourians, and the RIDE Committee's commitment to diversity. 

After consultation with arts education organization leadership it has been determined that the opportunity to gather annually with other arts ed leaders to examine their current practices and conference offerings through a lens of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion would be helpful. 

The intent is that by sharing information, each organization can navigate the multi-faceted aspects of equity work which may include examination of: organizational structures, classroom resources, curricular and pedagogical issues, and support for an individual's internal reflection and personal growth. The goal of this council is to provide a network of support as each organization works to help bring about more inclusive practices and seeks ways of meeting the needs of their constituents.


as of November 2, 2023

If there are other organizations who would like to participate in this annual gathering, please reach out to director@moaae.org.

The IDEA Council includes representatives from Missouri's statewide arts education organizations across all arts disciplines with the intention of sharing current practice, and cultivating avenues of support for furthering common goals regarding Inclusion, Diversity and Equity in the Arts. The purpose is to move closer to the shared vision, that ALL Missouri students are welcomed and benefit from a high quality art education experience.