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Join us for FY25 MAIN events

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5:30-6:30pm on MONDAYS

Sept 9, 2024

Nov 4, 2024

Feb 3, 2025

Apr 7, 2025

May 5, 2025

MAIN events bring educators together who see the benefits of engaging students in a creative process in their learning. A part of MAAE's work to support Arts Across the Curriculum and Arts Integration, MAIN participants share of best practices, reflect, ask questions, and offer suggestions to support members of this community. 

No matter what stage of your arts integration journey, there is a place for you at our MAIN events! Join in collaborative conversation with other teachers who recognize the incredible power of involving the arts in their educational practice. 

MAIN events are open to all. Please join us, and invite others to do so as well.

A video introduction to the
Missouri Arts Integration Network - (2:00)
MAAE wishes to make programming accessible to all. In-person events are held in ADA compliant facilities allowing those with mobility issues to participate. Please contact if you have any additional requests to accommodate visual, hearing or other accessibility issues. 

 Featured presenters sought!

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5.20.24 - Learning from Teacher Leaders

With Jen Short, Dana Ross, Carolyn Fulk, Grace LaRose, Stephanie Cohen

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Join a small group of teacher leaders from the Kansas City/MO Kennedy Center Partners in Education Program as they reflect on their year. They will share strategies they learned, struggles they went through. Please join us, and who knows...maybe you'll be our next teacher leader in arts integration! 

5.20.24 - Michael Smith - MAIN event (1:08)

4.29.24 - Puppets in the Classroom

With Michael Smith

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Michael leads participants through an entire lesson plan where students can be empowered to be creative, bold and communicative, while learning how to make their very own mouth puppets! Participants will learn how to adjust the lesson to address math, science, social studies, history, reading, or ANY core subject. Bring your own paper, colors and tape and watch how easy creativity can be!


Michael Andrew Smith is a writer and educator for What if Puppets, where he spends his days training elementary teachers to combine arts integration techniques with their core curriculum. In addition to his work for What if Puppets, he is an author and the Editor in Chief of The Object.

4.29.24 - Michael Smith - MAIN event (1:08)

 2.26.24 - 4P's of Art: People, Place, Plot, and Purpose

With Karen E. Griffin, certified national storyteller

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Karen E. Griffin is a certified national storyteller and professional art quilter. She will engage learners in an exploration of the 4P's of Art: People, Place, Plot, and Purpose.  Griffin will weave together the elements of Art and Storytelling through arts integration, the application of the Missouri Learning Standards for English Language Arts, and ideas for classroom implementation. 

2.26.24 - KE Griffin - MAIN event (53:43)

1.29.24 Arts Integration in the Elementary Classroom

Megan Thompson, Assistant Principal at Kellybrook Elementary, discusses her experience of incorporating arts integration in the classroom for the past six years and how she is now introducing arts integration strategies and design thinking to a new school as assistant principal. 

1.29.24 - Megan Thompson - MAIN event (55:07)

Using Creative Movement to help with Transitions with Kayla Sandusky

Meet Kayla and learn how planning for transitions and using movement can benefit your instructional practice.

Session Resources: Book Suggestions for Guided Movement from Meeting Chat.
11.27.23 - Kayla Sandusky - MAIN event (44:47)

Keeping it real with Kari Schepker-Mueller

Meet Kari and learn more about her arts integration practice.

 Slides from the event with links to TAB and Reggio Children. Additionally, I've added the watercolor conversation warmup activity and additional resources you may enjoy. 

10.30.23 - Kari Schepker-Mueller  - MAIN event (53:03)

Arts Integration in Songwriting with Mark Pagano

Meet Mark and learn ways of incorporating songwriting in your instructional process. 

9.25.23 Mark Pagano - MAIN event (48:00)

Black Women in Jazz with Christie Jones

Discover information about Black women in jazz and their roles as modern day Griots and the African American oral tradition. Christie guides us through a freestyle writing activity inspired by jazz music and storytelling traditions.

8.28.23 - Black Women in Jazz MAIN event (57:09)

Dance Your Story Today with Dr. Mark Turner

Mark Turner will walk us through how he uses dance and music to build a creative storytelling experience for young and old. 

5.22.23 - Dance Your Story Today MAIN event (57:04)

Arts Integration standards and assessment with Katie and Stephen Schisler

Part One -- After their year-long online training sessions with Susan Riley's group at, Katie (music) and Stephen (art) from A.D. Stowell Elementary blend content and arts standards, creating delicious "jelly roll" standards to guide unit and lesson planning in arts integration, and lead toward assessment. 

Part Two - 4/24/23 at 4:30pm Katie and Stephen walk participants through the process of examining content and arts standards to create Lesson Seeds for the development of future lessons and units for use with students.

3.27.23 - Connecting the Standards with Katie and Stephen Schisler - Part one - (54.25)
4.24.23 - Part 2 (45:09) 

Leslie Lausten, Reading Specialist

Leslie will share how she connects Harvard's Project Zero Artful Thinking Strategies effortlessly into her daily reading and writing curriculum. This event will be hands-on and provide you with strategies and ideas you can implement the next day. 

Marilyn Yung shares her experiences of, as Walt Whitman would say, "connecting the spheres" of art and poetry to enhance the teaching of English Language Arts. Learn how Poetry Out Loud, ekphrastic poetry, and poetry transcription can add student choice, voice, and creativity to your classroom this winter!  With eleven years of middle and high school experience in rural Missouri public schools, Yung enjoys creating ways to incorporate the visual and performing arts into English instruction. 

Also - Check out Springfield, MO educator - Marilyn Yung's Blog entry about Poetry Out Loud!

MAIN EVENT 1/30/23

November 28, 2022 


with Andrea Branstetter and Cecile Galluzzo

Andrea Branstetter (music) Cecile Galluzzo (visual art) share their learning from the virtual Kennedy Center Arts Integration training in June, 2022. Listen in to hear about how they've applied what they've learned in the first semester of the 22-23 school year.  

MAIN EVENT 10/25/22
(42 min)
Lauren Hanahan
Arts Integration Specialist

10/24/22  - Lauren Hanahan and Stronger Together!

In this Roundtable discussion  participants were able to join in collaborative conversation and meet MAAE's new Arts Integration Specialist - Lauren Hanahan. See and hear Lauren walk participants through an arts rich learning experience involving black-out poetry.

MAIN EVENT 10/25/22
(42 min)

8/29/22  - Olivia Mendlson shared an close look at the collaboration between museum educatos and classroom teachers to integrate the arts in a 4th grade math curriculum during her presentation - MUSEUM to CLASSROOM at the Kemper.  We'll explore how the Arts of Math program has taken different forms for remonte and in person learning to increase buseum access for schools and students. wE'll learn about ways to incorporate a museum visit into your own curriculum, no matter teh grade level or content area. Session links included:  Symbols in Art & Math and Art & Scientific Method from the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum’s STE(A)M learning collection! as well as a PDF file assisting K-12 educators prepare for collaboration with the Kemper.

5/24 and 8/29/22 - Rachel LaMear shares an in-depth look at integrating the arts in a K-5 mutiage classroom in the Lab School at Stephens College. Projects engage in a variety of ages and abilities, including preservice teachers. 

3/28 and 4/25/22 In this two-part series - MAAE's MAIN event welcomes one of COCA's All-Star Teaching Artists - Susan Kopp as our featured presenter - alongside her classroom teacher partners to share more information about using the arts to build a classroom climate of self-confidence, creativity and collaborative spiritClint Christensen (5th grade teacher from Flynn Park Elementary) joined the conversation on 3/28 and Latasha Gaston, (5th grade teacher at Barbara C. Jordan Elementary)  lends her perspective on 4/25.

2/28/22 - Allison Fleetwood - Nixa School District

(Soon-to-be Dr.) Fleetwood will share the results of her doctoral dissertation on arts integration and the great work happening in Nixa to support this effective approach to teaching and learning.

MAIN EVENT 2/28/22 coming soon

Photo: Kannsas City Nelson Atkins Museum in snow-2.jpg by Eric Bowers - used with permission

1/24/22 - Amy Berridge Manager, Studio Experiences, and Bonnie Thomas, Manager, Educator Programs and Resources in the School Programs and Partnerships Department at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art share an arts-integrated lesson involving natural materials and stop-motion animation inspired by Andy Goldsworthy's Walking Wall - available for teachers to check out from the Educator Resource Center.

MAIN EVENT 1/24/22 coming soon

11/29/21 Meghann Henry Executive Artistic Director from Mesner Puppet Theatre and Aaron Money - Liberty Public Schools 

The partnership between these two entities was outlined and success stories were shared.

MAIN EVENT 11/29 coming soon

10/25/21 Garrett Brown and Dana Ross (with Aaron Money) 

Liberty Schools and EPIC Elementary

The KS/MO Partnership in Education group affiliated with the Kennedy Center has become a hub for Arts Integration in the KC region.

MAIN EVENT 10/25 coming soon

June-September 2021 Sessions were informal roundtable discussions.

June 28, 2021

3/22 and 5/24/21 Arts Integration Collaborative - Columbia Civic Orchestra

Dr. Gennie Pfannenstiel is an educator and arts integration specialist. For many years she has worked at Locust Street Elementary (formerly Lee Elementary) in the Columbia Public School system in central Missouri. Learn more about Locust Street students in collaboration with Columbia Civic Orchestra.. 

See the Elementary Inspiration page for Dr. Gennie


5/24/21 - coming soon

Google Slides Presentation

2/22 and 4/26/21 - Globally Strong Cultural Fair

Stephanie Hasty grew up in Mansfield where the Little House books were written and now teaches high school English in Lebanon. She and her 11 year old daughter, Lila Jane, spend their free time reading books and watching too much TV and they can't wait to travel again, as they miss exploring the world.

Elizabeth Barker has been throwing clay and teaching art at Lebanon High School for 25 years. Elizabeth hopes to someday return to slow running at marathon events with crowds of other crazy people.  She lives near Bennett Springs with her husband Robert, and their children Abram (17), Alia (15) and Adlai (12). 

MAIN EVENT 2/22 and 4/26/21 - coming soon

1/25/21 @ 4pm - Carrie Pace - STEAM Academy Middle School - Ferguson Florissant School District - "Art with Heart" program involves students as entrepreneurs who design a replicable product for sale to benefit local non-profits. The project encompasses visual arts, ELA, mathematics and more as they research, apply for a $25 business loan for materials and supplies, market their products and sell them at a school fair, and then present the proceeds.

MAIN EVENT 1/25/21 

Amanda Martin Hamon

Molly Nevius

12/7/20 @ 4pm - Amanda Martin-Hamon, Associate Director of K-12 Education and Molly Nevius Learning Communities Coordinator-both at the Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas showcased their newest statewide arts integration outreach initiative PEAK (Partners Engaging Arts across Kansas). This exciting initiative is focusing on SEL and character development (SECD). They also plan to display some of the educational resources available at the Spencer tied with their upcoming exhibition Healing, Knowing, Seeing the Body including their lesson plan bank and collection cards. 

>Learn more about Amanda and Molly here.

MAIN EVENT 12/7/20 

11/2/20 @ 4pm - Dr. Elizabeth Hogan McFarland 

Fine Arts Educators who work with pre-service educators help their students understand the benefits of arts integration. Dr. McFarland works with teachers in the area of music education.

MAIN EVENT 11/2/20 - coming soon

About the STEAM Experience at
A.D. Stowell School - Hannibal, MO

10/5/20 @ 4pm - Katie (music) and Steven (visual art) Schisler are a dynamic duo who in 2018 they had the opportunity to help in the creation of a STEAM Integration program at Stowell. This would pair grade level teachers with specialist (art, music, PE, and STEM) to create project based learning lessons that integrate multiple subjects through co-teaching. In the third year of the program there is still a lot of learning to do, but it has become a source of enjoyment and identity throughout the school. They are excited to share the structure of the program as well as some successes and pitfalls they have encountered thus far. The link at left allows you to watch a video created in 2019 to promote the program.

MAIN EVENT 10/5/20 - Katie and Stephen Schisler - A.D. Stowell School - Hannibal, MOLink to presentation slides from Katie and Steve Schisler(42:00)

Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning

8/31 - 4pm - Ed Reggi and Sherry Norfolk

Learn more about the work of Springboard to Learning teaching artists Ed Reggi and Sherry Norfolk who work in an onsite residency program with host teachers who receive arts integration coaching.

MAIN EVENT 8/31/20 - Ed Reggi & Sherry Norfolk - Springboard to Learning - Wolftrap trained teaching artists- (27:05)

Lifelong storyteller and actor Ed Reggi is one of Springboard to Learning’s original Wolf Trap Literacy and STEM trained teaching artists. Ed obtained his BFA from Fontbonne University. He’s lived in NYC and Chicago and mentored by Second City founder Paul Sills. An improv teacher on Oprah’s nationally syndicated reality show WELCOME TO SWEETIE PIE’S,  Ed also teaches Acting at Southern Illinois University, Washington University, and COCA in University City.

Kennedy Center Teaching Artist and Adjunct Professor at Lesley University, Sherry Norfolk is a performing artist, a dynamic storyteller, and teaching artist, who uses storytelling as a strategy for teaching preK-12th grade curriculum. She is co-editor with Lyn Ford of “Storytelling Strategies for Reaching and Teaching Children with Special Needs,” and with Jane Stenson of “The Storytelling Classroom series” (four books that explore rigorous, standards- based storytelling strategies for learning across the curriculum). Sherry is another of Springboard to Learning’s  original Wolf Trap Literacy and STEM trained teaching artists. 

OTHER RESOURCES: •WT Programming-  General Description
•WT Specific Teacher testimonial with description - 

7/27/20 - So Choi and Lee Newell

Our neighbors to the West in the great state of Kansas, So Choi (visual arts) and Lee Newell (mathematics) shared their collaboration in creating stunning works of art while learning more about quadratic equations. 

MAIN EVENT 7/27/20 - So Choi & Lee Newell - Leawood Middle School - Overland Park, KS(25:48)

6/29/20 - Phyllis Pasley - Introduction to M.A.I.N.

Would you like to share a presentation or facilitate a discussion panel at one of our future MAIN meetings? We are always looking for new ideas and perspectives which might inspire others! Email or with your ideas.