Intro to Norman Rockwell

This asynchronous learning module is designed to familiarize people with some of the work of Norman Rockwell and is designed to be explored prior to the January 19, 2023 I.D.E.A. Inclusion, Diversity, Equity in the Arts workshop featuring Maggie Meiners and her exhibition "Revisiting Rockwell."
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NOTE: Students are welcome to participate in elements of this asynchronous lesson
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Norman Rockwell - Born February 3, 1894 – died November 8, 1978 was an American illustrator and painter who is well known for his works which offer a timely reflection of U.S. culture. Among other works, Rockwell produced a series of cover illustrations for The Saturday Evening Post and Look magazines, often depicting scenes from "everyday life." Among the best-known of Rockwell's works are the Four Freedoms series. read more at wikipedia

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"Rockwell, Roosevelt the Four Freedoms"



Visit the websites and read and review the content

Weblink to the Norman Rockwell Museum
webpage on the Four Freedoms.

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Weblink to an article sharing information about the timeless controversy - and 3 little known facts about the iconic image "Freedom from Want."


View this video

"Liberty Girl"



View this video

"The Problem we All Live With"



View this video

"Murder in Mississippi" or "Southern Justice"



Additional (optional) resources about Norman Rockwell and Maggie Meiners you may wish to explore.


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