National Student Arts Advocate Award

MAAE's  annual National Student Arts Advocate Award gives a Missouri high school arts student the opportunity to go to Washington, D. C. in the spring to participate in the annual Arts Advocacy Day, sponsored by Americans for the Arts. The contest for the award is open to all Missouri high school students who participate in at least one arts program and are in good standing at their school.

We are now accepting applications for the 2024 National Student Arts Advocate Essay Contest/Award. Open to Missouri students age 14 and up who participate in at least one arts education program, and who are students in good standing.  Candidates will also participate in MAAE statewide arts advocacy initiatives of Show-Me Arts and Fine Arts Education Day.  Annual Deadline for submissions - January 31.

Submit application here via googleforms


(see below for details about the (1) resume, (2) letter of recommendation, (3) essay and (4) application form)

Andrea Branstetter, Kylie Brunkhorst, Josh Hawley and Peyton Lairmore July 2023


To enter the National Student Arts Advocacy Delegate Essay contest - the requirements are as follows:

1. Submit the following four documents—

2. The student must also register for and participate in the Show-Me Arts Advocacy Training Summit events. Click here to View SMarts details here.

3. The actual award ceremony typically occurs in Jefferson City at the annual Fine Arts Education Day celebration and award winners are invited to officially receive that honor.

Peyton Lairmore and Kylie Brunkhorst visit Washington DC July, 2023.
Congratulations to Kylie Brunhorst Rolla High School - the 2023 National Student Arts Advocate Award winner. 
Congratulations to Peyton Lairmore, Owensville High School - the 2022 National Student Arts Advocate Award winner. 

Mrs. Chris Sprague, music educator (at left) with Levi Baker (Bradleyville) - 2021 National Student Arts Advocate Award Recipient

Kylie, Peyton and legislative staff - Cory Bush's office. - July 2023

Andrea Branstetter and Levi Baker, May, 2022

Important conditions attached to this award—

If selected as the winner, I agree to:

Parents and/or teachers from the recipient’s school may attend the conference in Washington, D.C. with the winner, however, they will be responsible for all expenses they incur for the trip. 

Parents should note that if the student fails to behave responsibly, fails to conform with expected behavior and/or fails to follow directions from adults in the group, the student may face consequences up to and including a return to Missouri at parent’s expense. 

When you have prepared the documents and you are ready to submit your application, please use this online Submission Form to submit your 4 pieces of documentation.

 Any questions or concerns about eligibility, rules, and travel or the application process should be conveyed to MAAE Executive Director,

This award is made possible through the generous support of the Francis Family Foundation.