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Professional Development in Arts Integration

MAAE is committed to supporting more widespread use Arts Integration as a strategy to improve student achievement. Helping educators learn best practices for effective implementation which honors the expertise of all teachers involved and addresses both arts and non-arts standards yields great benefits for all. Through MAAE's MAIN EVENT series, practitioners get support and inspiration from their peers. Our partners in Kansas City, St. Louis and Springfield deliver professional development training which ushers more teachers into this valuable work. Read on for more information.

Why Arts Integration?

This approach brings about more relevant, holistic learning for the student. Research shows that students are best served by a collaborative approach to teaching and learning.

Other benefits of Arts Integration:

    • improved student achievement

    • increased student retention

    • student confidence

    • improved communication skills

    • social-emotional benefits

    • improved attendance

    • building relationships

    • increased collaboration among teachers, administrators and community

    • improved school/classroom climate

    • and a renewed sense of joy in learning for both teachers and students.

In a post-COVID world ...

your school may be well-served to consider strengthening an involvement with Arts Integration, leveraging the power of the arts to

  • assist with learning gaps from interruptions to instruction

  • help rebuild school communities and

  • aid in helping students and staff in healing from trauma

The Missouri Arts Integration Network is an MAAE initiative inspired by the Arts Integration committee's work. These FREE MAIN EVENTS are one-hour monthly meetings feature arts integration practitioners sharing their work, and an opportunity for people interested in arts integration to connect. Participant certificates for continuing education available upon request.

(Check with your school district to see if these session meet local eligibility requirements.)

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HUBS for Professional Development
in Arts Integration in Missouri

There are three regions in Missouri that have benefited from Kennedy Center Partnerships between arts organizations and educational institutions. Professional development workshops are offered annually in all three locations. For more information about offerings in each region, you may contact the coordinators listed below:

Kansas City - Aaron Money - Fine Arts Coordinator for Liberty Public Schools

St. Louis - Janelle Velten - Program Manager and Arts Integration Specialist

Springfield - Breanna Kavanaugh - Fine Arts/World Language Coordinator for Springfield Public Schools

Arts Integration To-Do List

Classroom teachers, Fine Arts Specialists, Secondary Specialists, Future Teachers

  1. Join in MAAE's MAIN EVENTS.
    Get connected. Get inspired.

  2. Enroll in a 2021 Summer Arts Integration PD Workshops. (Springfield, Kansas City, or St. Louis)

  3. Start small! Implement a few strategies learned at Arts Integration workshops.

  4. Take advantage of teacher follow-up connections during the school year.


  1. Observe at least a half-day at a 2021 Summer Arts Integration Workshop. (Springfield, Kansas City, St. Louis)

  2. Work to secure funding for your teachers to attend 2021 Summer Arts Integration Workshops

  3. Bring Teaching Artists into your school. (Missouri Arts Council Grants Available)

  4. Host an Arts Integration Workshop for your school or area schools.

  5. Ask your teachers that are using Arts Integration to present at administrative conferences.