MAAE Creativity & Innovation in Teaching Award

The MAAE Creativity and Innovation in Teaching Award

The Missouri Alliance for Arts Education recognizes a fine arts educator for creativity and innovation in teaching a visual or performing arts classes in Missouri. Students, teachers, administrators, parents and community members may nominate a teacher for this award.  

The criteria for this award includes a description of the way in which the nominee demonstrate new and innovative approaches toward teaching which may include the use of technology, connections or utilization of community resources, and/or extraordinary creativity in working with students. To help gain a more complete picture of the nominee's creative and innovative qualities, we suggest uploading  two additional letters of support for the nominee which specify the ways that creativity and innovative practices are in use.

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Please include within the text of your nomination a consideration of the following:

1. Why do you think the teacher you are nominating should receive this award?

2. Provide at least one example of creative and innovative teaching by the teacher.

3. Please upload two letters of support for the nominee which provide a detailed example of the nominee's creativity and innovative practices.

f you have questions, please contact MAAE Award Coordinator, Melissa Cooper: