MAC Partnership Grant

MAAE's partnership with the Missouri Arts Council allows for the delivery of support services to arts education in Missouri. Through the financial support of the Missouri Arts Council, the Missouri Alliance for Arts Education is able to facilitate:

  • presenters at professional learning conferences hosted by statewide arts education organizations

  • clinicians to work with all-state honors ensembles

  • facility costs for workshop locations and/or exhibition space

  • registration fees and travel expenses for meeting and conference attendance

  • administrative and artistic services

  • insurance and office expenses

The partnership grant is a "matching fund" grant, which means for each dollar obtained from the Missouri Arts Council, a matching dollar must be earned through another source. This requires that the Missouri Alliance for Arts Education seek funding from other entities to secure the matching funds. It is one of the reasons we are so happy to receive donations from individuals who support arts education in Missouri.

Financial donations make the important work of the Alliance possible! We are grateful to those who have made in-kind donations to the Alliance. View the list of in-kind donors here.

The Missouri Alliance for Arts Education has no members and no membership fee requirements. We welcome people to become allies - at no cost.

We will, however, graciously and with appreciation, receive any donations that are offered.