Professional Development Opportunities
The Missouri Alliance for Arts Education is pleased to offer or recommend the following professional development workshops designed for arts educators, classroom teachers, and teaching artists. These workshops are made possible through grants from the Missouri Arts Council, a state agency, as well as the Francis Family Foundation.
To register for a workshop being presented by one of our partners, please follow the instructions on the flyer that is linked to this page. If you are registering for a specific MAAE workshop, you may 1) print out the flyer from workshop listed below, complete it, enclose a check, and mail it to Ben Martin, Exec. Director, MAAE, 302 NE Keystone Dr., Lee's Summit, MO, 64086, -OR- 2) go to the online donations and payments tab, follow the directions, and pay with PayPal or credit card. In either method, payment must accompany registration. We are sorry, but no refunds may be issued in case a registrant cancels within 5 days of the scheduled workshop.
Currently Scheduled Workshops 
  1. A Full Day Arts Education Workshop - Chillicothe Cultural Corner, 424 Locust St, Chillicothe, MO 64601 - June 16, 2017
    • Join us for sessions that explore arts integration, cross-curricular arts projects, methods for accessing the intuitive in students, the use of movement in the arts classroom and discussions on how Missouri Arts Council can help your programs and updates on the latest state and national issues in arts education. Lots of time for discussion and networking will be provided. To view the agenda for the day, go here.
  2. STEAM IV: A two day hands-on exploration of problem solving strategies for Arts and STEM projects and classrooms. - Grand Center Arts Academy, 711 N. Grand Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63103 - July 27-28, 2017
    • Spend the two days exploring national science standards-based problems from different problem solving perspectives that you can use with students of all ages and skill levels. For information please go here.
      Partner Organization-Sponsored (separate registration procedures described in brochures):
  1. Summer Intensive Arts Integration Institute - COCA, 524 Trinity Avenue (University City), St. Louis, MO 63130 - July 23-26, 2017
  2. Arts Integration Symposium - Nelson-Atkins Art Museum, 4525 Oak St, Kansas City, MO 64111 - July 24-26, 2017
    • Working with a different set of Kennedy Center Artists you will also gain in-depth experience with Arts Integration techniques. For more information, view the attached brochure here or watch the informational video here (not available yet). To register, please go to
  3. STEAM: Hands On Without Getting Burned! - Spiva Arts Center, 222 W 3rd St, Joplin, MO 64801 - August 4, 2017
    • Spend a full day exploring different problem-solving strategies that apply to STEM and Arts Classes and Projects. You will leave with a box of supplies and a mind full of exciting possible projects and ideas. To register contact Josie Mai at Spiva at 417-623-0183 or


Catalog of Available Workshop Sessions
You May Request

Ed Grooms, Professional Development Coordinator - 314-229-8246

EVERY STUDENT SUCCEEDS ACT AND ARTS EDUCATION: It's Up to Us to Make it Work for Our Students and Schools (Ben Martin, Executive Director, MAAE)

Dig in and discover how arts education fits many programs specified in the new law. Discuss strategies you can use to become an integral part of your school's efforts to help Every Student Succeed.


This workshop will explore worksheets that can be given to and discussed with an evaluator. The worksheets will assist the fine arts teacher and the evaluator in the evaluation process.


This interactive workshop will demonstrate how to create tableau’s in the class room. For content areas participants will create tableaus to demonstrate comprehension. In the affective domain tableaus will be created for use in Character Education and anti-bullying.


In this workshop participants will experience 21st Century problem solving using scientific and creative thinking skills.


In this hands on workshop participants will use scientific and creative thinking to attempt to solve problems developed from the new Science Standards.


In this workshop participants will experience visual thinking skills and develop ways to use VTS in science, math, and technology.

SMART BOARD ARTS I (Paul Donnelly)

Participants will explore creative ways to make the most of smart board technology. This workshop is designed music and art teachers who want to get more from the technology. It will introduce them to the technology and some of resources that are available.


This workshop is designed for those who are comfortable with Smartboard basics but want to get more from the technology. Individual concerns will be addressed and fine arts resources will be shared.


This workshop is designed for Theatre and Speech teachers who want to expand their use of the Smart Board and share Speech and Theatre resources.

MACARONI MATH (Chef Mick Fumo)

A taste sensation workshop that infuses measurement, math and mouth water morsels of culinary delights with Chef Mick Fumo .


This workshop will demonstrate creative ways to raise funds for fine arts clubs.


This adaptation of RASA Box dramatic experience explores emotions on a personal level through creative writing. Participants will create an emotional journal to use with writing assignments.


If you’ve been assigned to “Coach Debate” as a part of your new teaching position this workshop is for you. Randy Pierce has coached debate and forensics for over thirty years and will lead you through the basics of establishing a successful debate team.

DIRECTING 101 (Rebecca Pierce)

If you’ve been told that you will be directing the all school play as a part of your new job description Rebecca Pierce will take you through the basics. Rebecca taught Theatre and Speech and directed plays for over 25 years. She will answer questions and describe the process for a successful production.

CLAY FOR BEGINNERS (Angie Carosello)

Students love tactile and kinesthetic experience clay provides. This workshop will introduce art teachers to basic clay projects. Retired art teacher Angie Carosello will introduce you to clay basics.

UGLY FACE POTS (Angie Caresello)

This workshop will demonstrate to art teachers who offer clay in their curriculum to the Ugly Face Pots project. Ugly face pots are fun for the students and teach important cultural lessons on safety. The pots were originally created to scare children away from dangerous liquids.


This workshop for the class room teacher will help bring literature alive when reading aloud. The attendees will experiment with voice techniques. They will develop character voices, ignite prose, and improve diction. Participants will leave with new skills to bring literature alive in their class room.

COSTUME ENGINEERING (Evelyn Zidick, Mexico,

Examples, suggestions, ideas and demonstrations for bringing it all together on stage - with emphasis on color, symbolism and function in developing characters. Varied approaches to costuming will be explored: sources, construction, alterations, new and traditional materials. Some hands-on activity with opportunity to share and ask questions.