Music Performance Tasks

The following arts-centered performance tasks integrate language arts, mathematics, science or social studies in a music class.  Many of the performance tasks may be implemented by a classroom teacher. 
Appalachian Culture integrates language arts in a study of Appalachian folk music and instruments in an eighth-grade music class.
Beatles in Revue integrates social studies and visual art in a high school jazz band or choir.
Folk Music and Art Festival includes performance tasks for first, second and third grade music and visual arts classes integrating social studies and language arts.
Jazz and Blues Lyrics explores the lyrics of jazz and blues music and poetry in two performance tasks presented concurrently in sixth grade music and language arts classes.
Music and Folk Tales integrates language arts in a second-grade music class.
Music Composition is a music performance task that enables students to understand what influences composers and how to create a composition from a specific influence.
In  the Patriotic Composition performance task, sixth-grade music students create and perform original patriotic compositions.
Revolution Music helps eighth-grade music students understand how music affects and is affected by social and political revolution.
The Science of Sound performance task integrates science in a kindergarten music class.
In the Early American Folk Music performance task, Sweet Betsy from Pike, fourth-grade music students create their own verses that describe the life and hardships of early settlers.