Missouri Arts Educator Mentoring Program

Coordinated by the Missouri Alliance for Arts Education

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Fine Arts Mentors, “Building a network of support”

The Missouri Arts Educator Mentoring Program coordinated by the MAAE is designed to provide assistance to first year teachers serving in areas where a lack of equity creates significant challenges for beginning teachers. The program may be expanded to include ALL first year fine arts teachers in the state, and in subsequent years extended to include the second year of teaching service if adequate funding sources can be found. The program will be offered to school districts at no charge. It is NOT intended to replace any existing mentoring programs, but to work with the arts education organizations and existing mentoring programs to coordinate and unify the mentoring process for fine arts educators in Missouri.

GOAL: To increase retention of arts specialists and improve the quality of education provided by first year teachers in the field.

STRUCTURE: Three levels of support: 1 on 1, Peer Group, Statewide Events

Mentors (1 on 1): First year teachers will be provided a trained mentor with extensive teaching experience. Mentors will work with the first year teacher utilizing skype (and other technologies), face-to-face visit(s) (depending on funding), and the fall mentoring conference. Mentors will be recommended by affiliate organization mentoring chairs/ leadership and will be trained.

Local Consortium(Peer Group): Small (4-6 member) regional peer support groups made up of first year teachers, a mentor, and teachers with 3 or more years of experience in the field.

Fall Mentoring Conference (Statewide event): Statewide conference scheduled in the fall (ideally October) to include all participants in the Missouri Arts Educator Mentoring Program.

Arts Education Organization (state level conferences): School districts with teachers in the mentoring program must allow them professional development release time and resources to attend the fall mentoring conference as well as state level conferences of the appropriate arts education organization. 

MAAE will work with Arts Education Organizations to coordinate training and assignment of mentors, creation of local consortia, fall mentoring conference, finances (identifying and securing program funding, possible compensation of mentors, and program administration), identification of first year teachers, and cooperation of school districts/administrators.

Arts Educations Organizations: Each Arts Educator Organization participating in the program will provide a mentoring chair to blend existing mentoring programs with the new initiatives of the Missouri Arts Educator Mentoring Program, and assist in the identification of experienced educators willing and qualified to serve as mentors. They will also assist in the identification of teachers in the field willing to participate in local consortia and assist in identifying districts with first year teachers.

LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICTS: Each local district and building administration will need to sign an agreement for the first year teacher to participate in the Missouri Arts Educator Mentoring Program and be assigned a mentor. Districts will also agree to allow Professional Development release time to their first year teacher to attend the Fall Mentoring Conference AND the appropriate arts educator organizations state level annual conference(s).