Integrated Performance Tasks

The arts-integrated performance tasks listed below were developed by teachers and integrate one or more arts disciplines in a language arts, science, mathematics or social studies class.  For arts-centered performance tasks see the music page and visual arts page under Resources on this website. 
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Chinese Showcase includes activities for multiple subjects, including visual art and music, language arts, mathematics and physical education in an elementary or middle school.
Exploring Self integrates visual art, music and multi-media in a high school language arts class.
Filming the Forces integrates theatre and film in a fifth-grade science class.
Jazz and Blues Lyrics explores lyrics and poetry through two performance tasks taught concurrently by a music teacher and language arts teacher for grade six.
Measuring Up to the Greeks integrates visual art, science and mathematics in grade six.

Understanding Media Messages
 integrates visual art and language arts in grade eight.
The Role of Community in Character Development and Behavior integrates music and visual art in an eighth-grade language arts class.
Sculpting a Story integrates visual art in a fifth-grade language arts class.